Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aran Delight Mittens

Name: Aran Delight Mittens
Pattern: Aran Delight Mittens by Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe
Craft: knitting
Made for: Me :)
Started date: February 28, 2009
Completed date: March 23, 2009
Needle: US6/4.0mm
Yarn: Cascade 200 wool
Colour: 9477 Tutu pink
How much? 1.1 skeins
Modification: I-cord cast on
, blocked mitts to make them super comfy
See the project on Ravelry!

Jim and I only spend $20 on gifts for each other for Valentine's Day because we go all out on birthdays and Christmas. What we decided was that we would limit our gifts to $20, but make the gifts extremely mushy and sentimental. So for Valentine's Day 2009, Jim got me a cupcake shaped ceramic container and inside it was a list of 100 reasons why he loves me and a coupon. The coupon states "This coupon is good for one year's worth of yarn store visits because I love how happy it makes you!". He's going to regret giving that to me! *Insert evil laughter.* I also got a skein of pink Cascade yarn from him because he knows how much I love Cascade yarns and pink. When I saw the pattern for the Aran Delight mittens, I knew instantly that my Valentine's gift was meant for it!

I'm really bad when it comes to knitting mittens. I can quickly whip one up in 3 days, but after that I lack the motivation to complete the other mitt. These mittens took me almost a month to complete. I have knitting ADD, I love starting new projects, but find it extremely challenging to finish what I have started. It does not help that I constantly find new patterns that I want to knit on Ravelry!

Overall, I am really pleased with how these mitts turns out. They are super cute and plushy! They were completed just in time for them to be placed away in a drawer because spring is now here.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work! Pink is such a great color for those!

  2. I love these beautiful Pink mittens!
    Where can I find the pattern? Please....

    Danielle at

    Thank you!