Sunday, December 28, 2008

1st Annual Facebook Handmade Scarf Exchange!

: Palindrome Scarf
:Palindrome: A Reversible Cable Scarf by Kristin Bellehumeur
: Knitting
November 23 2008
December 27 2008
5" x 65"
: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Yarn: Unknown (my mom had a giant red ball of yarn that I decided to use and just knitted until I ran out of yarn)
How much? 250 grams (473 yards)
Modifications: Cast on 52 sts and cabled every 10 rows (instead of 6 as instructed in the pattern)
See the project on Ravelry

I decided to join the 1st Annual Facebook Handmade Scarf exchange because I thought it was such a cute idea! I had no idea that the turnout would be so great. I thought my two partners would be both North Americans. The above scarf is the scarf I made for someone in North Carolina, USA. The recipient of this scarf is not a knitter so I asked her to pick her top 3 favourite knitted scarf, and from there I picked one so that she will be surprised when she receives the scarf. She also said that red was one of her favourite colours. I hope she will like it!

I also received a handmade scarf from Denmark! The person who made this for me said that she was inspired by a shell that she saw on the beach. I absolutely love the colours because it goes with my all my clothes (since those are the colours I usually wear). Please click on the picture to see it in full view. I will definitely participate next year!


  1. *sniff* Reminds me of the scarf my grandma made for me..

  2. I thought I have seen that crochet scarf before somewhere - and then you write you recieved it from Denmark! (Very small country - all blogging knitters/crocheters kind of know each other... *LOL*)

    Nice blog, by the way!

  3. Beautiful projects... would like to know more about the scarf exchange for next year. Can you give me more information? I'm Cheryl1973 on Ravelry.

  4. I would love to join in with the scarf exchange but I'm so committed to other projects that I know I don't have any extra time. I'm currently working on the first of 3 baby blankets that I call story book heirloom one of a kind baby blankets. Long name huh. These are for my nieces triplets. That were born in Sept. Each one could take me about 4 months. I also have other small projects that I do every now & then to give myself and my hands/arms a break. Though I love those scarves and they would be fun to make. I know I can't commit myself to anything else until I finish the blankets. Terry