Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Unreasonable Goal

At the end of November, I had this brilliant idea that I would knit Christmas gifts for Jim's family. My goal was to complete the following:
1. An afghan for Jim's parents
2. A sweater for the dog
3. 3 scarfs for Jim
This brilliant idea came the very last week of November as exams were approaching. Although I didn't complete everything I had set out to do, I have to say I was a knitting machine this past month and still got all As on my exam! Here were the projects that I was able to complete:

For Jim, I made him a stripe scarf and a matching Koolhaas hat using Cascade wool:

He was so cute, he kept wearing both even though we were indoors on Christmas day.

For Jim's parents, I decided to make them both hats. A Koolhaas hat for his dad, and the isotope hat for his mom.

I also managed to perform a Christmas miracle by completing the Anastasia blanket for his parents. Let me tell you, this was quite a struggle! When I was making the centre, it was all lopsided and flared out like a skirt. I decided to block my blanket (my first time blocking anything) and it definitely saved the day!

I didn't have time to knit Jewel a sweater, but she did receive this one from me after she got a haircut at the end of November.

You can click here to see all the details of these projects on Ravelry.

Note to self: Next year start your Christmas knitting earlier (i.e. September) or just buy everyone (and yourself) a big bottle of rum!


  1. Nice blog--keep up the good work. I added you to the blogs I am following--and your text is showing.

  2. Your knitting is gorgeous! You got a LOT done in a short period of time! Happy New Year!

  3. Great work! Looking forward to more ;)

  4. Wow! You were a busy knitter for the last month. It looks great though!

  5. LOL Can't complain about a bottle of rum as a consolation gift. Unless you're the dog. ;) Those gifts are lovely! Especially the isotope hat. I'll have to look up that pattern.

  6. Glad to find a new blog to follow! Your knitting looks great!

  7. You just might hold the record for so many projects in such a short time! Super nice too. I am off to look up patterns you used!

  8. Nice job on the blog and the knitting!