Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glove, Sweet Glove

Name: Almeara Gloves
Pattern: Almeara Gloves by Jared Flood
Craft Knitting
Made for me :)
Size: Adult Small
Started January 24, 2009
Needle US6/4.0mm
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers
Colorway: 8401 Silver Grey
How much? 1 skein should be enough for the pair

See the project on Ravelry

When I saw these gloves on Ravelry, I was obsessed with it and was counting down the day until I could get my hands on the Vogue Knitting Winter 2008/09 issue. I kept saying cheesy things like "I glove you" to Jim or singing "what the world needs now is glove, sweet glove". I finally got my hands on the magazine on Friday and instantly ran to the closest yarn store to buy the yarn. I was obsessed!

As much as I liked the gloves, I felt that I would love it more if it was a little longer. Hence my first modifications to these gloves. In order to get the longer length, what I did was knit row 1 to 17, then rows 4 to 17 twice, and then continue from row 18. I am much happier with the longer length and this will keep my hands/arms nice and warm.

I also added an extra repeat for the thumb to make it fit my thumb better (and trust me I don't have freakishly long thumbs).

Being one of the first to knit this, I did notice a few mistakes here and there. Most of the time, I just tried my best to continue and hope that I was not making a detrimental mistake. The two mistakes that I found that really stuck out for me was the middle finger and the thumb. For the middle finger (of the left hand) row 4 should be K9, P1, K4, P1, K1. For the thumb, I could not find row 4 in the pattern...what the hell? I looked at one of the many pictures that Jared Flood posted and tried to figure my way around it. What I did for row 4 for the thumb was P3, K8, P8.

I am absolutely in love with this! Can't wait to make the right glove :)


  1. They are just lovely! They are definitely in my queue

  2. Great gloves. I too love them and if I wasn't involves in sooo many projects I would make them also. Enjoy wearing them. They fir you great. Terry

  3. I just bought the Vogue mag and am thinking of making these, thanks for mentioning the errata.

  4. WOW! Those are gorgeous.

  5. thanks for the longer length pattern "upping" -- I have long wrists and was wondering how to make the gloves longer. And I love the color!