Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Girasole

Name: Baby Girasole
Pattern: Girasole by Jared Flood
Craft: Knitting
Made for Alba
Size made: Baby blanket (42 inch diameter)
Start date: July 22, 2009
Completed date: August 11, 2009
Needle size: US6/4.0mm and US8/5.0mm
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport
How much?
1 skeins = 350 grams= 1113.0 yards (1017.7m)
Colour: 21742 Caribbean Sea
Modifications: Used a bigger needle (US8/5.0mm) to cast off
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People were not kidding when they said this is a fun knit. It was such a pleasure knitting up this baby blanket. The pattern was very easy to follow, easy to memorize, and lead to an amazing finished product (if I do say so myself)! I used the magic loop method, so I wouldn't have a couple of needles trying to poke me in the eyes. If you have never tried the magic loop method, I highly recommend it! I used to be afraid of knitting in rounds before this, but never again. Try searching Youtube for magic loop videos, that was how I learned the magic loop method.

The first couple of charts in this pattern were quick to knit, but as you get further out into the blanket, the knitting slowed down quite a bit. With the increase in stitches, at times it felt forever to finish a row or two. The border took forever; I think it was the part of the blanket that took the longest for me. I think there was a small mistake in the pattern. For the lace edging, I think row 6 should be: bind off 3 sts, K2 (instead of K3 like the pattern suggests), K2togE.I used 4.0mm needles knit my blanket. When I got to the border, I switched to a 5.0mm needles to cast off. I'm a tight knitter, and this prevented the cast off being too tight which would cause the blanket to bunch. The blanket is supposed to be light and airy, so the last thing I wanted was a stiff and tight border!

When knitting was complete, the next hurdle was to block the blanket. Luckily, I had made a circular blanket just a while back so I knew exactly how to block this. I laid out a few towels to soak up the water as the blanket was drying. What I didn't like about the blanket when I was done knitting was that the outer part of the blanket was "ruffle-y". I wanted a nice flat circular blanket, no ruffles please! Luckily blocking was able to correct that. What I did was find a area in my room large enough to block this on the floor. Place the blanket in the center of the towels and used a measuring tape to stretch the radius of the blanket so that it would be 21 inches all around. By stretching it out, I was able to get rid of the ruffles so that the blanket was a nice and flat. With blocking, I was able to create a perfect circle from my blanket and when it was completely dry it took on that shape!

I also loved working with Bernat Baby Sport. It's not the most luxurious yarn to knit with (no duh, it's acrylic), but it gets the job done! I also think it is very durable for a baby blanket- it doesn't fuzz whatsoever. The best part was, it was around $7 for a skein of this and one skein was able to make a whole blanket! And how amazing is the colour! Overall, this was an extremely fun knit and I highly recommend it (as I do for all of Jared Flood's patterns- that boy is a knitting genius)! I recently purchased Jared Flood's new book (Made in Brooklyn), so stay tuned...I will be knitting lots of patterns from this new book in the near future!

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